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Oat fiber

Vacuum Pack

Country of origin Ukraine

Our production


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What is oat fiber

On the territory of Ukraine only oat fiber under the trademark "Olvio" is manufactured according to the technical conditions of Ukraine and corresponds to the highest world standard for the quality of oat fiber.

According to the aggregate of consumer qualities "Oat fiber" TM "Olvio" - has no analogues in Ukraine and all over the world.

 Therefore, buying oatmeal TM "Olvio" - you consume a product of the highest world quality.

Oat fiber is made from a certain part of the oat shell, is finely dispersed about 87 microns in size structure (homogeneous structure as in cocoa powder). 
In the manufacture and packaging do not use preservatives, flavor enhancers or other additives. "Oat fiber" TM "Olvіo" - a 100% natural product.
        Oat fiber is a plant interwoven fibers, which at the cellular level forms a hollow framework.
Oat fiber consists of digestible and indigestible fiber. The amount of indigestible fiber is 78%. The usefulness of oat fiber lies in the presence of large amounts of indigestible fiber. Fiber is part of the plant food that has a beneficial effect. Oat fiber accelerates the passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract, helps to cleanse the body of toxins, normalizes the digestive system.

The taste of oat fiber - with a weak taste of bitterness, characteristic of oat fiber.

Vacuum Pack allows you to preserve the useful properties of oat fiber for a long time and save it from external influences.

about 1

Accelerates the process of passage
food on the gastrointestinal tract

about 2

cleansing the body of
slags and toxins

about 3

Normalizes work
digestive system

Recommendations for use of the product

The daily dose

For adults and children over 12 years old: from 36 to 72 grams (6 tablespoons up to 12 tablespoons without hill) per day, divided into two or three separate doses. Start with of small amounts and gradually increase.

The maximum daily dose

Is 100 g (16 tablespoons) oat fiber. Use daily for best results.
It is also possible to add oat fiber at preparation food and beverages (cocktails, milk, etc.).

For example

1 teaspoon (without hill it is 1.5 g) two or three times a day, after three days – two teaspoons per-reception and so further to your daily dose. A tablespoon of oat fiber (without hill, hill remove) contains about 12 grams of fiber and fluid absorbs an average of 2 times their own weight, creating approximately 18-gram lump.

He fills the stomach, creating a fast mechanical saturation effect. Therefore we recommend washing down oat fiber, an appropriate amount of water.

Approximate scheme of reception of fiber

For a person with a weight of 75 kg (adjust the amount of fiber taken according to your weight):

Attention - a tea and a tablespoon without a slide (remove the slide)

  • 1-3 days - 1 tsp. 3 times a day (4.5 g per day)

  • 4-6 day - 2 tsp. 3 times a day (per day 9 g)

  • 7-9 day - 3 tsp 3 times a day (per day 13.5 g)

  • 10-12 day - 1 tablespoon. 3 times a day (per day 18 g)

  • 13-15 day - 1.5 tablespoons. 3 times a day (per day 27 g)

  • 16-18 day - 2 tablespoons 3 times a day (per day 36 g)

  • 19-20 day - 3 items of l. 3 times a day (per day 54 g)

  • 21 days and further - 4 items of l. 3 times a day (72 g)

Patients with acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract on issues use of oat fiber - recommend that to consult a doctor.

Useful properties of oat fiber

  • Greatly promotes weight loss
  • Binds cholesterol, which is in the intestines, and removes it from the body
  • Being a natural sorbent, it absorbs toxins, nitrates, mutagens and carcinogens
  • Normalizes the digestive system
  • β-glucan is a substance that lowers cholesterol by binding fatty acids
  • Removes from the body not overcooked food residue
  • Prevents obesity
  • Reduces insulin levels in the blood
  • Reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
  • Strengthens the body's defense against cancer
  • Has a fat-burning effect
  • Maintains the balance of intestinal microflora
  • Reduces the likelihood of developing diverticulitis
  • Accelerates the excretion of bile, which forms gallstones
  • Strengthens the immune system, by the withdrawal of bowel colonies of pathogenic bacteria

Energy and nutrient values

Energy value (caloric value) 100 g of the product:
962 kJ (230 kcal)

Nutritional value of food in 100 g:
Protein: 11 g
Carbohydrates: 39,5 g
Fat: 4,2 g

Produced and packaged according to TU U 15.6-01194839.001:2012

"Oat fiber" is packaged in vacuum pack 0.5kg, 1kg and 2kg

If the vacuum packaging is not depressurized – the storage period is unlimited

Warranty period of storage by date of packaging at a humidity of not exceed 75% at a temperature of not more than 30 °C – 6 months

The trade mark "Olvіo" belongs to the enterprise of MP "ORBITA-N"